Traffic Diversion

KMG will take the necessary measures to provide alternative routes so that traffic can be kept flowing on the public roads affected by construction work for the Kliplev-Sønderborg motorway project. During the planned construction period, heavily trafficked roads will therefore be replaced with temporary diversion routes, which will be strengthened with asphalt and equipped with the necessary traffic lights, road signs, etc. in accordance with Danish Road Directorate requirements. Lightly trafficked roads will be blocked and equipped with diversion signs while new motorway crossings are constructed.

Closed roads    
Road closed from opens again
Søgaardsmark 26/07/2011 End of november 2011
Grønbækvej october 2010
blocked for cars
Tørvemose march 2011 End of november 2011
Avnbøløstenvej august 2010 november 2011
Hørtoftvej august 2010
december 2011