Quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE)

For Kliplev Motorway Group (KMG) have quality, health, safety and environmental aspects of a very high priority - not only during construction, but also a sustainable way for the subsequent operating period of the highway.

For this purpose the creation of a strong safety culture is to protect the health and safety of own employees, and those of external employees, third-party contractors, suppliers and visitors at any time.

Our QHSE Policy

Our primary objectives within this motorway-project are:

• secure and healthy workplace for all people
• Prevention of accidents and injuries of any kind
• highest quality performance of all claims against the customer and us
• protect and respect the environment and
• avoid damage to the equipment, and private and public property

This requires the consistent implementation of all relevant statutory provisions and project-specific regulations and the development and introduction of appropriate structures.

It was and is therefore essential that both attach to the management and the staff of compliance with the QHSE rules and project guidelines, and recognize the highest importance and values follow.

Development and implementation of an Integrated Quality Management System

KMG will ensure that an Integrated Quality Management System (IQM) throughout the project period that consistently comply with all of the areas of quality, health, safety and environmental systems and processes, the proposed rules in force in Denmark.

Therefore, the IQM system is a cross-company, meaning that it also includes sub-contractors are to be different standards for construction, operation and maintenance needs to be. In this context, the KMG worked out IQM- plans for the various sub-projects (carry out the construction, operation and maintenance) that must be built by companies in their own processes, and monitors compliance with the parent IQM system. The construction companies are called upon, any existing methods or quality assurance systems in the overall IQM system integrated. The IQM plans should above all ensure that the sub-tasks to be solved by operators that can be handled in each case independently and optimally.

Building on the professional handling of proven HSE systems and practices among our members of the group is planning to KMG, the application of a set of methods and tools to ensure the placement of the safety message to all staff.

For the KMG, the quality assurance and their integration into a quality management system certified to DIN EN 9001: 2008 one of the most important success criteria in order to complete the project without its faults and within the scheduled construction period to.

Essential components of the IQM's:

• Quality Plan
• Environmental Plan
• Safety and Health Plan
• Change Management
• and the continuous optimization of all systems to meet the process and product requirements.

Quality and environment Plan

The superior quality and environmental plan should outline the general procedures.
This includes inter alia the procedures defining the project organization and responsibilities during the construction, operation and maintenance and is modified in that project.

The quality and environmental plan also serves to monitor and continuously improve the quality management system according to DIN EN 9001: 2008. The systematic change in the organizational culture and the relevant processes is as followed by internal audits and periodic inspections and resulting actions implemented promptly.

Health and safety Plan

KMG installed during the project period a continuous security organization, to organize the health and safety, implement and ensure its effectiveness. KMG is committed to building commitment, motivation and awareness of all stakeholders.

In all phases of the project safety and health must be integrated to its full effectiveness. Through a consistent application of security rules, the risks of injuries, accidents and diseases are minimized. This is to ensure that all project participants to face their responsibilities and comply with their obligations.

Emergency plan

To minimize the impact of emergencies for employees and the environment to a minimum, there is a contingency plan, the timeliness and effectiveness will be reviewed regularly.

To emergency situations including accidents, fires and environmental accidents. For this, a contingency plan in German and Danish language was developed to meet the needs of each with you at all employees, contractors, and should apply in an emergency.