Progress and logistics

Structuring the project is one of the first and most important steps. And the larger the project is, the more crucial this becomes. Obviously, this also applies to a project as large as the M51 project. KMG has been very aware of this and has prepared a detailed, well-thought-out project structure. Because of the overall overview, this structure provides the best possible basis for completing the project.

The project structure is based on relationships between the individual parts of the project. In this way, KMG has drawn up a logical, interdisciplinary time scale and resource plan, which describes the various relationships and dependencies. As a result, the construction period has been reduced to two years. KMG has based this time scale on almost unlimited resources, delivery of raw materials from STRABAG and more than 100 years of international experience in project planning.

Although STRABAG and Züblin will invest millions of euro in building and construction machinery, KMG is also well aware of the importance of monitoring and improving productivity. KMG therefore wants to know the precise efficiency of each and every bulldozer, excavator or grader. To ensure efficient work flows, it is important to know the number of hours a day the engine is running and how this is distributed between actual work and idling. Thanks to the innovative KMG system, the group can, with the help of advanced technologies and effective solutions, reliably manage all activities, large and small. By utilising well-tried GPS technology, wireless communication and the Internet, the Construction Site Coordinator will provide quantitative data which KMG can routinely use to analyse and improve the productivity and general activity of its assets, thus saving time and, therefore, money, simply by eliminating unnecessary project costs.

Benefits of the KMG logistics system

  • Centralised and simplified management of on-site activities
  • Improved productivity and asset utilisation
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Lower project risks
  • Improved health and safety conditions
  • Easier recovery of stolen assets