Organisationally, Kliplev Motorway Group consists of three units: a management unit (SPV), a construction unit (CE) and an operating unit (OE).

The Steering Unit (SPV)

The purpose of establishing a steering unit is twofold: to create a unit which bears overall responsibility towards the Danish Road Directorate for the fulfilment of all obligations in relation to the PPP contract; and to provide an expedient financing structure throughout the construction phase.

KMG's executive board, which has overall responsibility for the project, is also located in the steering unit. The executive board consists of the Technical Director and the Commercial Director, who together will ensure the project's progress, finances and quality.

Stefan Propst Christian Schwab
Commercial Director Technical Director

The Construction Entity (CE)

KMG's organisational design and structure during the planning and construction phases is based on the tendering of services to a construction unit consisting of companies whose prime focus is the planning and building of motorways.

The construction unit, which consists of STRABAG AG and Dywidag Bau GmbH, is responsible for planning and construction. Its functions will be controlled by the contractor contract. The contractor contract will ensure that requirements on costs, time scales and quality are met. STRABAG AG and Dywidag will provide joint leadership of the construction unit during the construction period.

Contact to the site owner and neighbours will be via the construction unit. Such contact will be the responsibility of the PR Manager and the Stakeholder Manager:

Allan Johansen Michael Hansen
Stakeholder Manager PR Manager

The Operation Entity (OE)

There will be a transition period between the end of the planning and construction phases and the beginning of the operating period in which close cooperation between KMG's construction and operating units will be necessary. KMG's operating unit will be mobilised 12 months before the start of the maintenance period. Personnel and expertise will be transferred from KMG's construction unit to KMG's operating unit. Additional personnel will be hired, and efforts will focus on staff training and maintenance preparation.