Composing a competent project group is the key to success. KMG has invested considerable resources in selecting a group of leading companies whose merits include successful partnerships in connection with similar infrastructure projects all over the world.

KMG's members possess considerable experience, both nationally and internationally. During the entire concession period, the members, which include Europe's largest construction company STRABAG SE and its subsidiary Dywikdag Bau GmbH, will make all their know-how and expertise available to KMG in order to provide a PPP project of highest standard.

All of the main contractors in the project group have assessed their own resources and existing obligations and are willing to take the necessary steps to expand their regionally available resource pools in order to complete the tasks required of them.

The use of international contractors will allow additional resource pools to be mobilised at short notice to relieve regional bottlenecks.

A project of this type requires massive resources and the consortium is well aware of the consequences of delays or price increases for the success of the project. Well planned logistics are therefore of vital importance if such risks are to be minimised. We therefore intend to utilise the consortium's extensive knowledge of the regional market to identify the most important suppliers at an early stage, thus safeguarding the availability of the most critical raw materials. In the majority of cases, KMG will enter into long-term delivery agreements with the most vital suppliers, thus ensuring that the necessary materials are available in the required quantities and qualities at pre-agreed prices. A major objective of the project is to create growth in the regional building and construction sector in order to generate sustained development of the entire area. Long-term delivery agreements will be planned with suppliers of important materials such as sand, gravel, stabilisation material, etc.


STRABAG SE is Europe's largest building and construction consortium (ENR Report 2009). With some 76,000 employees, STRABAG's production value was about €13.7 billion in 2008. A production value of €15.0 billion is expected in 2009. Besides its central markets in Austria and Germany, where STRABAG is the market leader, the company is, via numerous subsidiaries, represented in every country in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, select markets in Western Europe, and in the Middle East, Canada, Chile, China and India. Approximately 80% of STRABAG's revenue stems from the building and construction sector in markets where the company is among the three largest players. The company operates under five main brands: STRABAG, Dywidag, Heilit+Woerner, Möbius and Züblin. The services offered by the company cover the entire building and construction sector and include every part of the value chain.