Grøngrøft Palace

Grøngrøft Palace has experienced a kidnapping, the Ahlefeldt family's grandiose life and lifestyle for over a century, bankruptcies, German ownership during World War II and much, much more. The present buildings are, however, of rather recent date, namely 1895, while the main building was completely renovated in 2009.

Grøngrøft Palace is the central base for the Danish Road Directorate, KMG and all other project participants. Such centralisation serves various purposes, all of which will affect the project positively:

  • All project participants are gathered in a single location
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork is strengthened
  • Unified communication and information
  • Central access to all important information regarding the M51 project
  • Visitor centre for stakeholders and interested parties
  • Adjacent to the construction site – thus direct contact with the project